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Anthropology for Computers

I'm a User Experience Designer by trade, but I really do all kinds of interactive marketing & design across pretty much all media. The reader's digest version would be that I make websites & software interfaces that don't suck.

The slightly more educated version of that (although debatedly so) is that I'm a Human Computer Interaction (HCI) specialist, which means it's all about how people interact with computers. And that's what an anthropologist does.

I'm supposed to have a really slick and clean website that is well designed to show off all my wares, but I'm like the plumber who keeps on workin on everyone else's plumbing except for his own.

What I Do

UX Design

I’m an experienced UX designer with expertise in wireframing, interaction design, interface design, usability testing, information architecture and requirements gathering.

Strengths include technical writing, problem solving and acting as liaison between end users, management, and application developers.

And, of course, I can get around in most of the modern web application tools. That would include HTML, CSS, Javascript, etc.


I've build a lot of different brands for companies, varying from corporate types to personal brands.

This has ranged from just a logo to a complete brand identity including all print media, web sites, and business cards.

More on this later...



One part of building interactive and easy to use software is to provide excellent and easily accessible help/documentation.

What is single sourcing? It's using the same content across all of your products at the same time. When content is changed in one place, then it immediately changes in the application help system, user guide, training materials, etc.

If you're a coder, then think of it as "object oriented design" for your content.

This means I'm experienced with DITA (read more about that) and all things to do with XML. Also with most of the technical writing authoring tools.


I've had about 10 years of experience delivering a variety of multimedia design items. This would include world class sound design for theatre and video (some of them cited in local theatrical reviews), short videos for the web, and even editing longer video elements.

Again, more on that later...